Die Experten für abwasserfreie Produktion


How can your production remain cost-effective in spite of constantly rising standards for quality and safety? Our experts in zero liquid discharge production will explain how at this year’s parts2clean.

With over 1,370 installations in place, we support companies around the world in processing wastewater sustainably. This year, we have hit the 50-country mark. We think this is the perfect reason to embark on a mini trip around the world so that we can take a closer look at the locations where our VACUDEST is paving the way for a wastewater-free future.

With the purchase of a VACUDEST system, we offer our customers the opportunity to sign a maintenance contract. This is how we ensure regular controls are in place to minimise the risk of technical problems.

Felix Fuhrler, the Production Foreman at H2O GmbH, reports in an interview about his working day in production, the challenges that this entails, and, of course, the reasons why the road to wastewater-free production with VACUDEST is the right decision.

“If it works, work with it; if it doesn’t, change it!” This was the motto under which the French firm DBP Holding operated when it decided on a proven wastewater treatment system with VACUDEST technology for its new factory workshop. Following over 15 years of positive experience with two existing VACUDEST system installations, a new VACUDEST L 4500 is now processing acidic rinsing water used to condition stainless steel and titanium.

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