Die Experten für abwasserfreie Produktion


Hygiene requirements are growing increasingly strict in many sectors, and the treatment of industrial wastewater is no exception. The vacuum distillation process in particular has to deal with the question of sterile treatment and subsequent storage of water obtained from the process. The mere possibility of reintroducing wastewater into the production process makes it imperative to prevent bacterial impurities.

The Chinese subsidiary of H2O, Kunshan water treatment equipment co., Ltd., was founded in 2015. The company entered the Chinese market with Uwe Hanschke as General Manager. Since then, Hanschke has been responsible for supporting existing customers and expanding the market. In the following interview, Uwe Hanschke talks about his experiences, his everyday life in China, and the biggest challenges he has faced since taking the job.

Montblanc is a company based in Hamburg, Germany, that is well-known for manufacturing handcrafted, high-quality writing instruments. All Montblanc writing instruments are characterised by their high-quality materials. Many individual components in the pens – such as the nibs, rings and clips – are made from precious metals or are coated with precious metals. An electroplating process is used to coat the components with these metals. This process results in wastewater that contains precious metals and that must be treated before it can be fed into the sewerage system.

You now have the option to send your orders to our e-Service system online. Our new online service allows you to quickly and reliably request all operating resources and services that you need by sending an e-mail.

Small budget, ambitious plans? No problem, we have the right system for every budget. Our second hand VACUDEST systems, completely overhauled in our work shop, allow saving on investment cost. Every used VACUDEST will be checked carefully, all defective parts and parts subject to wear and tear are replaced.

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