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Die Experten für abwasserfreie Produktion

Every good story begins with a great idea. The idea of improving something. For example, avoiding wastewater in your own production.

That’s where the story of our VACUDEST began, a green idea that gradually developed into a blue door on a fully fledged system. And it was all made possible by the team at H2O GmbH. Since the company was established exactly 20 years ago, it has developed into one of the technology leaders in vacuum distillation systems. Follow our team here from the initial idea of treating wastewater to delivery of the VACUDEST to your business.

The telephone rings. “H2O GmbH, Jochen Freund speaking.” The first step towards wastewater-free production with VACUDEST is taken. The H2O sales department makes a note of the most important parameters. What kind of wastewater needs to be treated? What quantities are involved? Thanks to our team’s extensive experience, they can immediately determine whether investing in a VACUDEST system will be economically worthwhile for you. If everything adds up, the next stage is to discuss the details. This is undertaken by our sales force, who will visit you on site. The specifications are clarified and a wastewater sample is taken. 

Then it’s down to business: our staff at the application centre for wastewater-free production treat the wastewater sample using distillation under real conditions. Their results form the basis for the precise design of your system. What technology is used to achieve the best results? Here we give you a promise: we will provide you with the best solution for treating your wastewater.

Once all questions have been resolved and requirements have been met, the idea then takes shape in the engineering department. Drawings and layout plans are produced to make sure the VACUDEST system is custom-designed for your production facilities. The precise components that you really need are selected from the VACUDEST modular system. Nothing more and nothing less. This keeps your customised system affordable too.

The VACUDEST is installed: frame welded, screws adjusted, electrics wired in. Over several weeks, and with the greatest care, the fully fledged equipment is assembled. Manufactured in our factory in Steinen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Once all the parts are ready, the machine is put through its paces. If the system passes the trial runs, it is approved for dispatch. The VACUDEST makes its way to you.

At last it has arrived: your VACUDEST. Your green idea with the blue door. Installed on site by experts from H2O. Detailed operational training is, of course, provided as part of the commissioning process. So your own employees also become experts in no time. And now there’s only one thing for it: sit back, let the VACUDEST run automatically and feel satisfied that you are doing something good for the environment. And for future generations. Just as it should be for an innovative company like yours. Congratulations!

Do you have any other questions about your VACUDEST? No problem: our customer care service won’t abandon you after installation. Our capable customer contact staff can be found here.


You have questions on our VACUDEST systems?

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