Die Experten für abwasserfreie Produktion

During project development our aim is to optimally integrate the VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems into your production process.

From over 3.5 million variants we choose the best one for your individual requirements, creating your customized wastewater treatment system.

An integral part of H2O´s philosophy is the development of customized system solutions. Every industrial wastewater is different. The variety of applications requires a customized wastewater treatment system. Thus we don't have the VACUDEST wastewater treatment system "off the shelf". To ensure that a customized solution is affordable for our customers we developed the VACUDEST Modular-System.

Continuous innovation for more cost efficiency

We continuously improve our high quality VACUDEST wastewater treatment systems. We have made it our obligation to create genuine benefits through innovation: Self-cleaning heat exchangers, low maintenance systems and a reliable machine control system guarantee reliable processes. As a result, you receive a crystal clear distillate which meets the highest standards. The top quality, efficient and environment friendly VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems are the right choice, anywhere and anytime.

Learn more about our future oriented wastewater treatment system based on VACUDEST vacuum evaporators.

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