Die Experten für abwasserfreie Produktion

The effect of the quality of system cleaning agents and defoamers on the operational costs of a vacuum distillation system are often underestimated. Clean equipment has higher energy efficiency and lower operational costs. You can profit from over 25 years of experience by using the efficient operating materials of H2O.

The right consumables to suit your system

In our application center for zero liquid discharge production, we select the best consumables for your particular application scenario. For this purpose, we ask you to provide a sample of your evaporation residue or your industrial wastewater. Profit from our know-how and contact our experts!

Advantages of H2O consumables:

  • Highly effective, efficient and safe
  • Highly concentrated to minimize shipping costs
  • Gentle on seals and gaskets
  • Optimum distillate quality
  • Export variants available to prevent shipping of dangerous goods

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